Better Pack 333 plusTape Dispenser

Better Pack 333 plusTape Dispenser

Better Pack 333 plusTape Dispenser
Item# BETTERPACK333plus-T
Most popular manual water activated tape dispenser in the world! Rugged steel side frames ensure long life. Hardened guillotine cutting blades eliminate tearing action found on competitive models. Water brush system ensures uniform wetting. Easy pull handle dispenses up to 30" (76cm); repeat strokes provide longer lengths. For nonreinforced or reinforced tape 1-1/2 to 3" (4-7cm) wide. Also available with an optional top heater that warms the water to activate the tape's adhesives, thereby optimizing the tape's integrity and bonding properties.

Renowned for its durability and dependability, the BP333 is the industry's most popular manual machine. Features a unique design that is mechanically superior to all other machines in its class.

Economically priced, this unit is perfect for any application on a light to medium-volume packing line. Without the need for electricity, the dispenser is easy to move from one packing line to another.

Stainless Steel Model Also Available Developed and engineered in response to market demand, the most popular Better Pack 333 is now available with corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction. The Better Pack 333 S was specially developed for use in work areas where frequent cleaning is necessary, such as in food processing plants.


-Dispenses up to 30" (76 cm) of tape with one stroke - more with multiple strokes. -Variety of simple tape length settings. -Two water brushes for uniform wetting. -Guillotine sheer blades for clean cutting. -Rugged steel side-frame construction. -Large water reservoir. -Handles both reinforced and non-reinforced paper tapes- from 1 1/2" to 3" wide (4-7cm). -Mechanically superior design. -Without the need for electricity, dispenser is easily moved from one packing line to another.
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