Item# BP555ES

The Better Pack 555eS is an electric water-activated tape dispenser (also known as a paper tape dispenser, gummed or gum tape water-activated tape dispenser) made for fast-paced shipping and packaging environment.

The Better Pack 555eS tape machine is calibrated in inches and has a voltage of 115V.

The Better Pack 555e Series (the “555e Series” includes the Better Pack 555eS Series and the Better Pack 555eSA Series) are the only electronic water-activated tape dispensers in the industry to be UL Listed and Approved by the independent safety certification company, Underwriters Laboratory. Unique Safety Features

• Thermal cutoff: prevents the motor from overheating after extensive use • Safety interlock switch: disables the cutting blade when the front cover is open • Material choice: flame-retardant plastic, steel side frames, high grade solenoid link and zinc-plated stainless steel parts. Applications

• High volume, fast-paced shipping environment • Packing and sealing more than 100 cartons per day/per 8hr shift
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